Step 1

call for a consultation

First thing to do is give us a call on 020 7887 4522 . From the consultation we will see what you feel your initial needs are.

step 2

Goal setting session

YouTube Channel growth, speaking engagements, television appearances, sales, social engagement, web traffic can all be part of your strategy.

By understanding your goals with us, we can start to get a picture of how to create a platform for your brand that supports the direction of the business over the next 12 months.

We use a top down approach to your 12 month goals, working backwards from that point to create your KPI’s over the next 3-9 months.

step 3

thought leadership model session 

Our Thought Leadership Model analyses your purpose, value proposition, desired viewer relationship and key resources to guarantee rapid growth.

We assess the chosen personality for your YouTube Channel, looking at areas of expertise they have to share and important influences that have shaped their leadership style and worldview.



Then it's all on us. We examine the notes from the session and begin creating an overview of the next 12 months to pitch to you. Once the plan comes together we will pitch our overview and begin a feedback process to refine the plan. 

Once a plan is agreed on & singed off. The Unity begins and it's time to create motion pictures. Moving your business to where you want it.