Unity & Motion have secured the expertise of Martin McKenzie to deliver a 12 month program for creative agency owners and directors to develop their understanding of themselves, their teams and their clients.

These sessions are design to teach you practical applications of the behavioural sciences; including NLP, value systems. profiling tools and advanced communication techniques. The goal is to give agency owners the upper hand when it comes to reaching more effective outcomes in business, staffing and personal relationships with a keen focus on creating a win-win-win way of operating within the creative industry.





10am - 5pm Sunday’s
All sessions will be held at The May Fair Hotel, Stratton St, Mayfair, W1J 8LT


27th May
Session 1 : Neuro Linguistic Programming : Rapport, Pacing and Leading

8th July
Session 2 : Value Systems + Maps of Reality

16th September
Session 3 : 4D Training

28th October
Session 4 : Levels of Understanding + Situational Leadership

9th December
Session 5 : 80/20 - 1% Thinking + People Profiling

20th January
Session 6 : Framing, Positioning + Deep Listening

3rd March
Session 7 : International Thought Leadership




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