Unity & Motion specialise in film & video production. Creating motion pictures for your company/brand/products from initial concept design, taking it through the production shoot, full post-production facilities and access to PR / marketing. 

We create a 6-12 month media strategy based on your specific client base, planning media content to engage with your target market. To propel your business to the next stage.


Our strategies vary depending on your business goals over the next 5 years. A clear vision of where you want us to take you through media is essential. By understanding where your business is going, we are able to think for you in terms of media & motion pictures. 'How can we use our media to take you to your business goals?'  is the key to everything we produce at Unity & Motion.

Unity & Motion create Product / Event Promo's; Brand Awareness Content; Client Testimonials; Seminar Coverage; CEO Q&A's; Graphic Design; Web Design & Build; Social Media / PR / Marketing and will seek to provide all the necessary media needs to reach your business goals.


We provide a niche and advanced form of media training and coaching. It is highly recommend you go through this training and coaching if you are planning to appear in a project with us. We take you through a process to build the personality that you wish to present to the world and begin refining your presentation and delivery for all media appearances.